“Livingstone – An African Legend” is a major motion picture about the greatest Christian Missionary to ever walk across Africa. It will be filmed almost entirely in Zambia, where Livingstone spent much of his time and where he traveled extensively - spreading Christianity, fighting slavery, and exploring uncharted territory.

His extraordinary mission is not forgotten, especially in Zambia, a beautiful Christian country. Although his body was buried in Westminster Abbey in London, his heart was buried in Zambia. Our mission is to tell his true story, and to that end, the Producers have visited many of the remote places in Zambia where Livingstone traveled and where we plan to shoot the movie. We have filmed numerous on-camera video clips at many of these remote places in Zambia with Rob Mackenzie, the author of the best-known Christian-themed book, “David Livingstone – The Truth Behind the Legend.” Recognized as a real expert on Livingstone’s life, Rob speaks on-camera about various aspects of Livingstone’s mission in the places where these events actually occurred. These highly informative video clips can now be viewed through streaming video on this Website.

Although our film carries a Christian theme, it is being created with general audiences in mind, so that anyone, regardless of their faith, can identify with a truly selfless man who devoted his entire adult life to the service of humanity. One can hardly think of a sacrifice that Livingstone did not make, giving up friends, family, wealth, notoriety, and the comforts of home, for a life in the African bush.

Livingstone’s story is told in flashback from modern day Zambia, in an effort to show our audience that his extraordinary mission was ultimately a great success. Only by seeing modern day Zambia can one see the eventual results of his mission: to bring other forms of trade to central Africa so that the slave trade would no longer be as profitable for slavers and to show these slavers that they could actually make more money from other forms of commerce than from taking slaves. It would be many years before his mission could be declared a success, but now one need only ask a modern-day Zambian citizen how they came to be a Christian, to see the extraordinary effect he had on this wonderful country and its people.

However, perhaps the most interesting aspect of this movie is the method in which our intended audience can take part in its creation. Throughout our filmmaking process, from production through distribution, the producers of “Livingstone-An African Legend” will be posting video clips on this Web site for our Members and shareholders to view and stay informed of its progress. We even have plans for giving members of this site the opportunity to become actual investors in the movie. From time to time, our Web site Members will be queried for their opinions and allowed to vote on certain items, entered in contests, and they may also participate in our Online Forum.

All of our plans involve audience participation from those who would like to see such an inspiring Christian film. We also hope that this film will appeal to those of any faith who would like to help us tell the fascinating and extraordinary story of one who had a truly great Love for his fellow man.

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