The Livingstone Film Company Team   

Gene Massey

Producer and Director

A Director’s Guild of America member since 1980, Gene Massey is best known as a director of commercials and short films, working with such celebrities as Alice Cooper, Jane Krakowski, Smokey Robinson, Tommy Smothers, Melora Hardin and others.  He has won awards from Clio, (multiple) Telly Awards, the New York Festival, the Art Director's Club of Los Angeles, and the Homburg Award, directing for such clients as Callaway Golf, Burger King, Gucci, Toyota, and Epson Computers. Gene’s work as a screenwriter has won awards from WorldFest International Film Festival, the Arizona Film Society, and the Award of Excellence from the Film Advisory Board. Most recently, he has been filming humanitarian documentaries in over twenty countries.  


Dan Sherkow

Dan Sherkow, Producer, is the former V.P. of Paramount Pictures and Tristar Pictures and was an executive at NBC television. In addition to his substantial credits as a movie producer, Dan has developed a long list of A-list Hollywood contacts that will be very valuable to us as we move forward on the Livingstone Movie. Another of Dan’s extraordinary qualifications is the fact that he holds a Series 7 SEC Securities License.

Jack Horger

Jack Horger, Producer, is best known as the Producer of the television series, “Columbo” and is also known as a legendary Hollywood film editor. As an editor, Jack worked with Ridley Scott on “Blade Runner,” and other classics such as; ” Lucky Lady,” “The Frisco Kid,” “Start the Revolution Without Me,” and “Lassie.” He also edited multiple seasons of such TV shows as “Miami Vice,” “Murder She Wrote” and then “Columbo,” where he moved up to co-producer, working personally with Peter Falk.

Benjamin A. van der Veen

Benjamin A. van der Veen is the author of The Livingstone Film Company’s First Draft screenplay, “Livingstone - An African Legend.” Ben has written for such film luminaries as Terrence Malick, Julian Schnabel, Steven Soderbergh, Benicio Del Toro and Don Cheadle. He has worked with such Hollywood production companies as Plan B Entertainment, Reason Pictures, Laura Bickford Productions and Section 8 among others. His first produced film, “CHE,” premiered to acclaim at the Festival du Film in Cannes.

Cynthia Scheider

Executive Producer
Cynthia Scheider, Executive Producer, has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, formerly as a top film editor and now as a Producer. Married to the late screen star Roy Scheider (“Jaws”) for 28 years, Cynthia worked as a film editor and producer with such legendary movie icons as Steven Spielberg, Christopher Plummer, Sigourney Weaver, William Hurt, Dennis Quaid, Frank Langella, James Woods, and many other major stars. Her expertise and connections in Hollywood will prove invaluable to our production.

Rob Mackenzie

Livingstone Expert and Author
Rob Mackenzie is recognized as one of the world experts on Dr. David Livingstone. He is the author of “David Livingstone – The Truth Behind the Legend,” the best-known Christian-themed book on Livingstone. Rob has given the Livingstone Film Company the film rights to his book and will also be working very closely with us as a technical consultant on the film. He has traveled with the Director throughout Zambia scouting locations for the film and his expertise will prove invaluable during production.

Ileana Rizescu

Advisory Board Member
Ileana Rizescu is an Information Systems manager with extensive experience in financial application systems, having been an IT consultant and Project Manager for system development and implementation in numerous international financial operations. She is fluent in the development of large-scale E-commerce systems across multiple platforms. Her work in financial modeling and comparisons of movie-financing methods has been invaluable in the development of’s unique and U.S. Patented Business Method.

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