Buy Stock in The Livingstone Movie   

Many movie fans have expressed interest in personally investing in, and owning a piece of, this major motion picture about Dr. David Livingstone. The producers of this film “Livingstone – An African Legend” have plans to eventually sell stock to the public so that others can share in our mission to bring to the world this powerful story about a truly pioneering Christian.

However, we are not yet selling stock. To do so, we will soon go through a costly and time-consuming process of registering our shares with the SEC, and then offering them to the general public through a very unique online IPO. Anyone wishing to buy stock in this film may eventually do so, and we will notify our Members when we are legally able to sell stock on this Web site. When we do sell stock, then all of our supporters, Christian organizations, movie studios, and traditional film financers will be able to buy blocks of our Common Stock or even as little as a single $20 share of our Preferred Stock.

The Livingstone Film Company will eventually be a fully registered, publicly traded company, and as such, when the film is released and generates earnings, it will pay out all of the movie’s profits to our shareholders.  Whatever profit the movie makes will be distributed pari passu, so in addition to participating in our mission to bring this most extraordinary story to the general public, the owners of stock in Livingstone can also share in whatever monetary rewards result from the film’s distribution.

Shareholders will also receive many additional benefits.

For example, when purchasing as little as a single share of Preferred Stock, or at least five shares of common stock, a movie fan will receive (at least) the following benefits:

  • Fully listed, publicly trading stock – we expect it to be listed on the NASDAQ Capital Market, or if you live in Africa, on the Lusaka Exchange
  • Your share of the film’s earnings
  • For every Preferred Share purchased, shareholders will receive a free DVD copy or, if they prefer, a Digital Download of the movie as a stock dividend
  • Streaming video clips from the actual filming locations
  • Participation in Member Voting for certain items suggested by the Producers
  • The opportunity to participate in our Member Forum and give feedback to the producers
  • Entry into contests for a chance to have dinner with the stars
  • Entry into contests for a chance to be in the movie

The Producers consider these benefits to be quite substantial for a shareholder who has made as little as a twenty-dollar investment

Once again, the Producers would like to state that we are not yet selling stock.

However, we will notify all members of this Web site when we are fully registered on the NASDAQ and Lusaka Stock Exchanges and are able to sell stock to the general public.

If you would like to be notified when stock in the Livingstone movie is available to the general public, please make sure you have registered as a member of this Web site. Until we do sell stock, you will now receive many of the same free benefits offered in the future to our shareholders.

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